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Important Synonyms of letter "T"

Talented (गुणी):-    Able, Apt, Adept    
Talkative (बकवादी):-    Chatty, Garrulous, Wordy    
Tantamount (समान):-    Equal, Equivalent    
Target (लक्ष्य):-    Aim, Ambition, Goal    
Tree to Taller (मादक द्रव्यों का त्यागी):-    Abstainer, Non - Drinker    
Terror (आतंक):-    Anxiety, Dread, horror    
Timid (आसानी से डरनेवाला):-    Afraid, Cowardly, Fearful    
Tolerate (सहन):-    Accept, Allow, Bear    
Tourist (पर्यटक):-    Traveler, Tripper, Voyager    
Tragedy (शोकपूर्ण घटना):-    Adversity, Disaster, Calamity    
Transparent (पारदर्शक):-    apparent, Clear, Visible    
Tremendous (भयानक):-    Excellent, Exceptional, Fabulous    
Trespasser (अतिचारी):-    Criminal, Infringe, Intruder    
Trophy (ट्रॉफी):-    Award, Cup, Memento    
Turbulent (अशांत):-    Agitated, Wild, Violent    

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