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Important Synonyms of letter "R"

Rainy (बरसाती):-    Damp, Wet, Drizzly    
Random (आकस्मिक):-    Accidental, Chance, Incidental    
Ratify (प्रमाणित करना):-    Affirm, Approve, Certify    
Raucous (कर्कश शब्द करने वाला):-    Harse, Hoarse, Louc    
Ready (पूरी तैयारी से):-    Arranged, Fit, completed    
Rebellious (राजद्रोही):-    Disloyal, Untruly, Disobedient    
Rebuke (निंदा करना):-    Chide, Blame, Admonish    
Recess (अवकाश):-    Break, Interval, Rest    
Rectify (शुद्ध करना):-    Amend, Correct, Remedy    
Referee (निर्णयकर्ता):-    Arbitrator, Judge, Umpire    
Refrain (रोकना):-    Abstain, Avoid, Quit    
Refugee (शरणार्थी):-    Escapee, Exile, Deserter    
Reliance (विश्वास):-    Assurance, Belief, Confidence    
Religious (धार्मिक):-    Devotional, Divine, Spiritual    
Rescue (मुक्त करना):-    Deliver, Liberate, Recover    
Resemblance (अनुकरण करना):-    Approach, Favor, Duplicate    
Residence (निवास स्थान):-    Home, House, Palace    
Respectful (सम्मानपूर्वक):-    Courteous, Humble, Obedient    
Restaurant (भोजनालय):-    Buffet, Cafe, Eating house    
Revenue (आय):-    Income, Returns, Gains    

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