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Important Synonyms of letter "L"

Laborious (परिश्रमी):-    Industrious, Labored, Uphill    
Landlord (जमींदार):-    Owner, Proprietor, Host    
Laughter (हंसने वाला व्यक्ति):-    Amusement, Laughing, Merriment    
Leisure (अवकाश):-    Holiday, Spare time, Relaxation    
Lethal (प्राणघातक):-    Fatal, Noxious, Poisonous    
Literal (मुलार्थक):-    Factual, Exact, Plain    
Loathsome (घृणित):-    Hateful, Horrible, Nasty    
Lover (प्रेमी):-    Boy Friend, Sweat Heart, Admirer    
Lubricate (चिकना करना):-    Grease, Oil, Smear    
Luxurious (सुख भोगी):-    Comfortable, Deluxe, Expensive    
Luxury (विलास):-    Bliss, Comfort, Pleasure    

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