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Important Synonyms of letter "I"

Ignorance (अज्ञानता):-    Blindness, Innocence, Oblivion    
Illegal (गैरकानूनी):-    Banned, Prohibited, Unlawful    
Illuminate (प्रकाश युक्त करना):-    Brighten, Enlighten, Light up    
Immediate (अति समीप):-    Instant, Recent, Urgent    
Immense (बहुत बड़ा):-    Enormous, Gigantic, Great    
Impolite (असभ्य):-    Coarse, Rough, Rude    
Incident (घटना):-    Event, Instance, Occurrence    
Individual (व्यक्ति):-    Body, Fellow, Party    
Innocence (निर्दोष):-    Honesty, Ignorance, Chastity    
Internal (आतंरिक):-    Domestic, Inner, Inside    
Invasion (आक्रमण):-    Attack, Raid, Seizure    
Isolated (पृथक):-    Deserted, Lonely, Remote    

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