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Important Synonyms of letter "H"

Habitat (वासस्थान):-    Environmental, Home, Surroundings    
Handicap (असुविधा):-    Barrier, Block, Obstacle    
Handicraft (शिल्प):-    Craft, Workmanship, Skill    
Handsome (सुन्दर):-    Attractive, Graceful, Majestic    
Haughty (अहंकारी):-    Arrogant, Lofty, Proud    
Hazardous (संकटमय):-    Dangerous, Difficult, Risky    
Hereditary (वंश परंपरा से प्राप्त होने योग्य):-    Ancestral, Genetic, Inborn   
Hermit (तपस्वी):-    Ascetic, Monk, Solitariness    
Heroic (पराक्रमयुक्त):-    Bold, Brave, Courageous    
Hijack (अपहरण करना):-    Kidnap, Seize, Skyjack    
History (इतिहास):-    Annals, Chronicle, Antiquity    
Homage (उपासना):-    Worship, Reverence, Loyalty    
Honorary (अवैतनिक):-    No mind, Unpaid, Unofficial    
Humanity (मानवता):-    Human kind, Mankind, Mortality    
Hungry (भूखा):-    Desirous, Eager, Greedy    
Husbandry (किसानी):-    Agriculture, Cultivation, Farming    
Hysteria (बदहोशी):-    Madness, Neurosis, Panic    

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