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Important Synonyms of letter "D"

Dangerous (खतरनाक):-          Hazardous, Perilous, Serious

Dearth (अकाल) :-                   Absence, Shortage, Poverty

Dedication (समर्पण):-           Devotion, Loyalty, Faithfulness

Delightful (आनंदप्रद):-          Enjoyable, Fascinating, Pleasant

Democracy (प्रजातंत्र):-         Autonomy, Republic, Self government

Depreciate (दाम में कम होना):-Decrease, Reduce, Devalue

Descend (नीचे आना):-        Dismount, Deteriorate

Despair (निराशा होना):-       Collapse, Give up, Surrender

Destroy (नष्ट करना):-        Demolish, Devastate, Eliminate

Device (औजार):-                Apparatus, Tool, Instrument

Devil (दुष्ट):-                      Demon, Fiend, Imp

Diagnose (लक्षण देखकर):-  Analysis, Determine, Distinguish

Difficult (कठिन):-              Complicate, Hard, Uphill

Diplomat (राजनितिक):-     Go - between, Mediator, Moderator

Disgraceful (अपमान):-      Dishonorable, Dreadful, Shameful

Dismay (हताश करना):-       Depress, Disappoint, Terrify

Diversity (भिन्नता):-          Difference, Variety, Range

Drainage (पानी और कूड़ा कचड़ा निकालना):-  Sewage, Waste

Dramatist (नाटककार):-      Comedian, Playwright, Play writer

Drunkard (पियक्कड़):-       Drinker, Drunk, Lush

Duration (दीर्घ स्थायी):-      Extent, Stretch, Period

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