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Important Synonyms of letter "C"

Cajole (धोखा देना):-                   Coax, Flatter, tempt

Calamity (दुःख / संकट):-           Adversity, Catastrophe, Disaster

Camouflage (छल):-               Deception, Disguise, Blind

Catalogue (सूचि पत्र):-            List, Record, Register

Cautious (सचेत / सावधान):-   Careful, Vigilant, Watchful

Celebrate (प्रशंसा करना):-     Commend, Glorify, Extol

Cemetery (श्मशान / कब्रिस्तान):-    Burial ground, Churchyard, Graveyard

Colleague (साथी):-             Ally, Assistant, Partner

Comfortable (सुखदायी):-     Delightful, Enjoyable, Pleasant

Command (आज्ञा देना):-                     Charge, Compel, Govern

Compare (तुलना करना):-     Contrast, Parallel, Resemble

Compassionate (कृपालु / दयालु):-    Benevolent, Humane, Merciful

Compile (संग्रह करना):-       Accumulate, Arrange, Gather

Complicated (जटिल):-         Complex, Difficult, Elaborate

Conceal (छिपाना):-                Bury, Disguise, Hide

Condemn (निंदा करना):-     Blame, Convict, Reproach

Confident (विश्वस्त):-          Convinced, Satisfied, Secure

Congratulations (अभिनन्दन):- Compliments, Good wishes, Greetings

Contemporary (समकालिक):-  Current, Latest, Modern

Controversy (विवाद):-          Argument, Debate, Dispute

Convenience (आराम / सुविधा):-     Advantage, Service, Appliance

Courageous (साहसी):-          Lion hearted, Heroic, Brave

Courteous (विनम्र):-              Attentive, Polite, Respectful

Credible (विश्वसनीय):-        Believable, Reasonable, Reliable

Critical (चतुर / गुणदोषक विवेचक):-   Crucial, Urgent, Vital

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