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Important Synonyms of letter "A"

Abandon (त्यागना):-             Give up, Leave, Forsake

Abbreviate (संक्षिप्त करना):-  Abridge, Condense, Shorten

Abdicate (पद त्यागना):-         Quite, Abandoned, Surrender

Ability (प्रवीणता / योग्यता):-   Capability, Talent, Proficiency

Abnormal (असाधारण):-        Anomalous, Peculiar, Different

Absence (अनुपस्तिथि):-         Dearth, Deficiency, Scarcity

Absolute (पूर्ण / शुद्ध):-          Complete, Exact, Genuine

Abstain (बचे / पृथक):-          Avoid, Decline, Refrain

Abundant (प्रचुर / अधिक):-  Plentiful, Full, Bountiful

Accelerate (जल्दी करना):-    Advance, Expedite, Hasten

Accent (दवाब / जोर):-          Emphasis, Stress, Pitch

Accept (स्वीकार करना):-       Acquire, Gain, Obtain

Access (समीप में पहुँच):-       Admission, Admittance, Approach

Accident (दुर्घटना)|:-           Calamity, Casualty, Disaster

Accord (स्वीकृति देना):-       Agree, Allow, Confer

Accuse (दोषी या अपराधी):-   Blame, Charge, Attribute

Acquaint (जानपहचान करना):-  Disclose, Familiarize, Inform

Advantageous (लाभदायक):-   Beneficial, Profitable, Gainful

Adventurous (साहसिक):-    Bold, Daring, Reckless

Affectionate (स्नेही):-          Devoted, Friendly, Kind

Aggravate (उत्तेजित):-        Exaggerate, Irritate, Annoy

Analysis (विघटन / विभाजन):- Division, Inquiry, Review

Antipathy (अनिक्छा / घृणा):-  Disgust, Dislike, Ill - will

Anxious (व्याकुल / चिंतित):-  Impatient, Worried, Tortured

Apparent (स्पस्ट / प्रत्यक्ष):-  Clear, Declared, Obvious

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